Security and company for your loved ones.
Improves life quality and medical treatment
adherence even when alone.
The friend who never leaves us alone
Different plans according to your needs
Smart Care
Tranquility supported by IoT, artificial intelligence
and human support team


Nowadays there are more elderly enjoying autonomy and independence, living by themselves, who suffer incidents at home when alone.

Adherence to medical treatment is a determining factor for its effectiveness. With age, remembering daily tasks and following medical treatment becomes increasingly difficult.

We present BienTu,
The solution for improving life quality through security and companionship

How does it work?

Here is how BienTu makes your life and the lives of your loved ones easier!
BienTu reminds you of taking your medications, therapies, exercises, medical appointments and more. Also alerts in case of medical emergencies, intruders, fire, gas leaks, and others.
BienTu facilitates communication with loved ones, sends information about healthy habits, topics of interest, and promotes relationships and development of social activities.
BienTu facilitates emergency-services response, reducing response time in case of a health or safety incident. Further, BienTu offers you the advantages of today’s smart-home world, based on comfort and safety.

And more...

For Users

  • Greater independence
  • Security and company
  • Shorter time for emergency attention responses
  • Increased effectiveness of medical treatments

For loved ones

  • Greater tranquility
  • Reduced healthcare costs
  • Closeness to loved ones